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The Greek island of Meis, Kastellorizo as its known in Greece, is just 2 km from Kas.

A small Island which you can get a boat across to.  It is 6 kms in length and 3 kms wide, not big at all. The main port can be seen quite easily from the shores on Kas.
As you can see by the picture above its very picturesque. You can see more pictures  here ..

There is more information on the Island here..
Kas is about a two hour drive from Fethiye. You can get to Kas by bus, these go from the main Otaga, Bus station, in Fethiye. Here is a link to the bus timetable ...

A boat goes over to the Island, its a twenty minute journey. More information can be found here ....

You will need to leave Fethiye around 7.00 am to journey to Kas.The return journey from Kas is around 5 pm. It is a long day but in my opinion a good day out. Dont forget to take your passport with you. Duty free is available on the Island to bring back with you.

If you wanted to stay overnight in Kas and explore around Kas, a lovely seaside fishing village, I could highly recommend the  Hotel Hideaway. More details of the hotel is here ...

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Yesterday I was down at the beach at Oludeniz.

It was a lovely sunny and warm day. The day being Sunday lots of people about.

Oludeniz is now starting to open up for the summer season .. bars, restaurants and shops opening each day. Still lots of last minute building and alterations going on. Hotels are cleaning and getting ready for opening. I was quite surprised just how many hotels are already open for the season.

The beach is looking lovely ... it looks like work has been done on the beach to clear away the winter debris, that always comes in with the stormy seas.

Some beach lounger beds are out now, and getting used. Some of the boats that do trips out are now in position and the tour guides are now at the pay booth waiting to sell there trips.

The Butterfly Taxi boat left  while I was there taking provisions and people over to the valley

People were in the sea swimming  or paddling.The whole place just seems to have that buzz now.

The amount of Para gliders dropping in you would think there was an event on. :)

There are two web cameras down at Oludeniz, if you feel you would like to have a look at what is going on ... one at Buzz Beach Bar ..

The other camera is at Tonoz Beach Hotel ...

The picture above I took yesterday while down at the beach. More photos from today will be on the web site .. at the moment they are not on but will be shortly, sorry .. admin are having a couple of problems adding them to the site. You can keep checking the gallery page out for these and many more photos here ...

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Todays blog post is a little different.

As the summer season is just getting underway the Turkish Government have now introduced e-Visa. It means that you can buy your visa on line and so you can jump the queue for a "stamp" at at all the Turkish Airports and go straight into Passport Control.

This not only saves you time but also saves a new page on your passport.

The cost of the e-visa is in Dollars .. so it will depend on the day what you pay as the price of the dollar exchange fluctuates.

The link for the e-visa and for further information and application form can be found here ..

Todays photo above was from when I was at Gemiler Beach at Easter.

You can see more of the photos I took that day here ..

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Well today is a wet day here .. the forecast was right.

The forecast for this area  can be so un predictable .. Fethiye covers such a huge area .. if they say its going to rain in Fethiye .. it could but you don't know where about in the Fethiye area.
I've seen it glorious sunshine in Fethiye town centre and by the time you get half way up the hill to Ovacik its pouring down. I've also seen it sunny in Hisaronu and a couple of minutes away in Ovacik its been pouring down.
The people that know the area will also be aware we have tremendous thunder and lightening storms .. fantastic at night to sit on the terrace and watch the lightening going around the valley up here in Ovacik and Hisaronu.
Flooding of course is a major problem when we get heavy rain .. the rain runs down the mountain and down the roads leaving debris and mud behind. In the summer time the visitors to the area don't see any of the debris .. the Belediye, council, clean up the roads and pavements once they know the bad weather has finished for the winter.
Todays photo shows a rainbow over Kemer town centre.
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The picture above is one of the many new fountains in Fethiye Park.

The Park itself was built by the local Belediye, council, during the early part of last year.

It took most of the spring and summer to finish the construction with its "opening" last October.

The Park is along side the Cultural Centre and follows along  the harbour towards where the river meets the sea, near to the Tuesday market. 

You will see in my "Gallery" a lot more photos of the Park. ...

Many special events are to take part on Fethiye Square, nearest to the Cultural Centre, and as I find out what is happening I will post the events on the blog site.

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