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Web cameras are becoming more and more popular  on web sites.

In this area, Fethiye , we have a number of them.

In Fethiye , itself , is Shake Restaurant on the main promenade as you walk towards Calis.

This camera looks out over Fethiye bay ..

In Ovacik you have my own camera that looks towards Babadag Mountain ..

In Hisaronu you have a camera at Cubana Bar ...

In Oludeniz there are two cameras .. one at Buzz Beach Bar that pans across the beach, in the summer months, its stationary in the winter months, but still looking  onto the beach ...

The other camera in Oludeniz is at Tonoz Beach Hotel .. this camera looks down the main street towards the beach .. a good view to see some of the paraglider`s dropping in ...

Please note ... not all these cameras can be seen all the year round and some are not operational twenty four hours a day .. seven days a week. At times the internet and or electric power can go down and these cameras have to be "re set", which means the cameras, especially , in the winter months could be off for some time.

There are cameras a little further away .. Istanbul have "panning" street cameras ..

So there you are  .. a few cameras you can look at to see what's going on here in Turkey ..Happy Viewing.

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St Nicholas Island or Gemiler Island, as its known also , is a few minutes boat ride from Gemiler Beach.

On the island are the remains of four churches, related religious buildings, Byzantine dwellings, harbour, cistern, stone tombs, graveyard and ceremonial passageway, also  the remains of an historic monastic retreat containing among other things the original resting place of St Nicholas. The views from the top of the Island across the Mediterranean and back inland are also quite stunning and well worth the walk.

St Nicholas better known now days as Father Christmas or Santa Claus was the Bishop of Myra, which is just a few miles from  Gemiler Island in modern day Demre. Archaeologists believe that after his death on the 6 th  of December 343AD he was buried on Gemiler island .. hence why the Island is known as St Nicholas Island.

Some of the boat trips stop of at the Island. Or you can get over to the Island from Gemiler Beach .. enquire at the Café Bar on the beach .. the lads there will help you to get one of the many boats to take you over.

The photo above is the view looking back towards Gemiler Beach from St Nicholas Island.

A Charge of 8 tl has to be paid on arrival at St Nicholas Island per person.

I found that I needed three hours on the Island to get about and explore.

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Another nice walk is from the water station on Fethiye Hill to the bottom of Ovacik in the valley.

It takes  approximately one and a half hours to complete, it goes through the forest .. quite an easy walk.

From the forest track, in places, you can see over Fethiye .. the picture above shows Fethiye with the marina and Şövalye Island

You start the walk just behind the water station, on the left as you go down the hill to Fethiye from Ovacik. Its a bit steep , the track, to start with then tends to level out. As its a forest fire break its quite wide and relatively easy to walk on .. sensible footwear is a good idea but not essential. The walk brings you out in Ovacik right at the bottom of the valley.

Where you come out, in the valley, you could extend the walk and go through the next forest track, by turning right, and continue through the forest to the Kayakoy to Karagozler Road .. the problem with this is its either another 7 kms walk into Kayakoy or into Karagozler after you've walked through this forest which is another 2 hour walk.

When you come out of the water station walk, in Ovacik valley, turn left and at the next junction turn left and follow this road brings you back onto the main road at the top of the Fethiye Hill by the petrol station. This section will take you another half an hour to walk. If you were to continue to walk straight on at the last junction you would walk through the bottom of the valley through to Hisaronu .. in itself another nice walk.

The water station walk is a great walk and can be done at any time of the year .. a lot of it is in the shade of the forest .. at least till you come out onto the road.  

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Fethiyespor have just  four games to play until the end of the season.

Today they play fourth in the league Tepecikspor at home ... kick off is at 14.30.

At the moment Fethiyespor are joint leaders of Lig 2 with 49 points.

There are four more games left till the end of the season and are as follows ....

Sunday 21 st April Fethiyespor are away to Turgutluspor.

Sunday 28 th April they have no match.

Sunday 5 th May is last home match against Güngören.

Sunday 12 th May Fethiyespor are away to Bozuyukspor.

Lets hope that Fethiyespor can continue there present form and win the league.

Fethiyefocus wish Fethiyespor good luck with todays match and the final matches of the season.

Fethiyespor have a Facebook page ...  for more details of the club

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To get to Aksazlar Beach you have to go through Fethiye past the marina and on through Karagozler and the boat yard. Its the first beach you come to on the way to Letoonia Hotel and complex.

Its a private beach .. a small charge is paid  per person on arrival. The beach is more shingle than sand  surrounded by forest. The beach looks out towards Fethiye and Karagozler .. the water is quite shallow for some distance out.

A restaurant and bar is available for hot and cold  refreshments. The menu is quite extensive with food for all tastes from Turkish to European and English cuisine . The restaurant looks out over the bay towards Fethiye  .. the roof terrace at night would be good to take in the warm night air while eating and looking over the bay with the night lights of Fethiye as a back drop.

Behind the restaurant, is an open area, leading into the forest ..from here you can enjoy your own BBQ, some tables and bench seats are available ... these tables and bench seats are also available near to the beach and alongside the sea  in the shade of the forest.

You can drive to this place or get a dolmus, bus from the main dolmus terminal in Fethiye by the big mosque .. these go every few minutes. Or , if coming from Ölüdeniz, Hisaronu or Ovacik you can pick up the dolmus from Tasyaka, at the bottom of the hill going into Fethiye .. look for the dolmus with the words Tasyaka - Karagozler on it.

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