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The road to Faralya and Kabak starts at  Oludeniz Beach and follows the coast to  Kabak .. 15 kms from Oludeniz Beach. The road is very twisty and at times gets to a great height with fantastic views.

Faralya is the first village along the route after passing Lykia World complex... ... then its on past Butterfly Valley.

In Faralya itself a Boutique Hotel worth a mention is Lazy Lizard Boutique Hotel, a lovely tranquil hotel  with a  relaxing and chilled out atmosphere..

I went to visit the hotel last year and we had the best "home made" lemonade I've ever had .

The road winds on through to Kabak  .. the end of the road, as such .. after this it goes from a road into a track. Kabak has a lovely sandy beach .. its a twenty minute walk from the road down a winding path to the beach.

A restaurant in Kabak worth a mention is the Olive Garden Accommodation Restaurant and Bar .. another tranquil and chilled out place. Again you walk or drive down a short track to the place. When there you look out over the sea and beach below. The restaurant itself provided mostly  Turkish food  ... lots of the fruit and vegetables are home grown in there garden.

A large swimming pool next to Bungalows at the side of the restaurant is available to use, providing your having something to eat and drink , of course. The pool in itself is an infinity pool .. while in  it you can see for miles.

Bungalows can be rented out on a nightly basis .. you need to book well in advance though as they get booked up quickly. The photo above shows one of the few  bungalows available

More information about Olive Garden can be found here ...

You can drive to Faralya/Kabak or get a dolmus, bus, from Oludeniz Beach .. there is only three or four a day in each direction .. the timetable is at the dolmus terminal at Oludeniz Beach .. so plan your day carefully.

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I wrote recently of a walk from Ovacik to Sundial Restaurant and said I would put on a post about the restaurant .. well here it is.

Sundial Restaurant is high up into the mountains above Tasyaka with breath taking views over Fethiye.

The restaurant is part of the Sundial Otel ... no that's not a spelling mistake .. its how hotel is said here in Turkey. Here is a link to the Hotel ...

As you can see by my photo above the sun sets are amazing .. every time you go to the restaurant you will see a different sun set each time, the cloud formation changes so does the appearance of the sun set.

The Restaurant is run by Murat and his family .. I believe they have run the restaurant for some 7-8 years now. The Restaurant menu is varied .. something for all tastes .. Turkish, English, Mediterranean or Vegetarian.

The Hotel has a large swimming pool with a Jacuzzi pool above which overflows into the main swimming pool  below so giving the affect of a waterfall .. spectacular in itself.  

The restaurant tables, in the summer, are laid out around the pool and across the large lawns .. so nice to sit and relax and eat in the warm night air under the stars .. having just watched the sun set.

Murat does a " Free pick up and drop of service" for people wishing to dine at the restaurant .. the link above gives you the telephone number to contact for this service.

I've taken and sent many people over the years to the Sundial Restaurant and cant recommend it highly enough.

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The walk to Kayakoy starts in Hisaronu near to Nicholas Gate complex. Fifty meters towards Nicholas Heights is a track on the right that heads up into the forest... it finishes in the Ghost Village. The start of the walk is not sign posted on the Hisaronu end but is sign posted at the Kayakoy end with a sign that says Ovacik 6 kms ... why does it say Ovacik when its Hisaronu .. who knows.

The walk is defined along the way with the usual red and white paint stripes on trees and or rocks to follow. I did go wrong at one point and ended up taking a slight detour which allowed me to take a couple of nice photos overlooking the Lagoon at Oludeniz and Nicholas Island near to Gemiler Beach as you can see on the web site "gallery" of my walk.

Along the walk is the house of the local goat man, he has a dog, it barks a lot but I don't think its a danger .. just be a bit careful with it.

On the walk you will need sensible footwear .. not sandals or flip flops.

The blog photo is looking down onto the Horse Riding Stables in Kayakoy.

The walk is mainly in the forest so you get plenty of shade till you reach the Ghost Village.

Just a reminder a Cultural Festival is organised for 27 th April to 3 rd May 2013 in Kayakoy .. this festival is becoming bigger and better each year. Have a look at this site for more information ...

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What a difference a day makes .. well it does here.

Over the last 10 days or more the weather has been fantastic .. hot and sunny ,as you will have seen in some of my photos temperatures up into the late twenties. But yesterday, Monday, the weather changed ... the temperature dropped 12 to 14 degrees  with rain over the Fethiye area.

Babadag and Mendos Mountains disappeared in to the clouds. It stayed like this for twenty four hours. And today, Tuesday, we wake to clearing skies and predicted nice sunny day with the temperatures heading back up again.

As the photo shows, this was taken above Oludeniz Beach on the Faralya Road, when we have a storm the sea can look a lovely turquoise blue .. you can see why they call it the Turquoise Coast now cant you. !

On the beach itself .. well it was just me and JD, the dog I was walking, plus two more people .. no body else would want to be down a beach on a stormy wet day with the wind blowing a howling gale would they. The roller waves crashing in onto the beach like that I wouldn't want to miss again .. the first time in over 5 years I've seen the sea rolling in on the beach like that.

If you want to have a look at the beach, from the comfort of your own home,  Buzz Beach Bar and Tonoz Beach  Hotel have web cameras. Here are the links for each of them ...    Buzz Beach Bar.   Tonoz Beach Hotel

Both these cameras in the winter months can go off line, maybe due to power failure or internet connection problems, so keep trying  to get  on to the camera.

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The Lycian Way is a long distance walk in Turkey around part of the coast of ancient Lycia. It is approximately 510 km long and stretches from Ölüdeniz, near Fethiye, to about 20 kilometres  from Antalya.

The start of the Lycian Way is of the main road that goes down the hill from Hisaronu to Ölüdeniz  Beach, look for the signs for Montana Resort Hotel. The first 2 - 3 kms is quite easy to walk as this section is more of a road way than a track. After this it turns into a footpath.

As you can see from the photo the views over looking Ölüdeniz are fantastic. Even if your not an avid walker this first part of the Lycian Way should be walked just for the views.

More information on the Lycian way can be found on this web site ..

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