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Another of my favourite walks is from the petrol station in Ovacik to Sundial Restaurant.

This path, well a road in parts, goes along the side of Mendos Mountain above Tasyaka in Fethiye and continues for miles to run parallel  down the Antalya Road... its part of a forest fire break.

There are some stunning views over looking Fethiye from this path ...  as you can see in the photo. The path is good to walk along and reasonably flat.

The path that leads of to go down to Sundial Restaurant is rather twisty and steep in places and not easy to find ... its about 3 kms from the start of the walk to the junction to go down to the restaurant .. sadly the path down is not marked in any way.

Sundial Restaurant is a lovely restaurant with fantastic views over Fethiye  .. I will post more about the restaurant another time.

The actual walk is about 7 kms in total. Most of the walk is on open land so not a lot of shade .. plenty of water and sun cream is essential on this walk.

To get to the start of this walk go to the petrol station at the top of the hill that goes down to Fethiye. With the petrol station to your right take the road beside the station ... its block paved at the start .. and follow this through to a large villa complex. When you get to the complex the forest path is then found.

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Hisaronu ... a lively village which is the " hub" of the area and very much Family orientated.

Hisaronu is approximately 8 kms from Fethiye ... on the way to Oludeniz Beach.

Its a busy " tourist resort" with many hotels , apartments and villas .. some on complexes and some more private. It has many many shops all supplying the  usual touristy items.

Monday Market, an open air market at the top of the village is very popular with the locals and tourists alike selling everything you can think of .. from fruit and vegetables to clothes and shoes to dvd`s to mosaic lights and general touristy nick knacks. A "must visit" when you are here.

The main road .. the hub of the village has many many café`s and bars and restaurants on both sides of the street selling the usual Efes Beer, local beer, and imported drinks .. cocktail`s are abundant here. The café`s and restaurants , of which there are many, cater for all tastes .. Turkish, English, European, Chinese, Indian and Italian menus can be found. 

At night time the village comes " alive"  .. the street becomes pedestrianized, no vehicles allowed. The bars, cafes and restaurants all trying to entice you in with there superb menus with special offers from cheap drinks to "free" or "reduced " food menus for children.

Mid to late evening a lot of the café bars put on entertainment, disco type music with singing and dancing and of cause the karaoke for those who like to think they can sing. There are a few night clubs that start up late evening and go on into the early hours of the morning for the young at heart, and the not so young at heart .. people come from all around the Fethiye/Oludeniz area for the night clubs.

The photo at the top is by a good friend of mine Pete Greenwood, my thanks to him for allowing me to use his photo.

Hisaronu has a web site dedicated to the area and surrounding areas .. Hisaronu-the village from here you can get loads of information  ..

There is also a Forum web site .. Hisaronu - the forum .. its a "members" forum, you can join for free .. join, log on and away you go ... lots of information on what's on and going on in the area  .. views and reviews  .. a "must"if you want to know more about the area ... 

You can get to Hisaronu from Fethiye by dolmus, bus, from the terminus by the big mosque. The dolmus leave every few minutes and the dolmus is marked Oludeniz .. on route the dolmus goes through Ovacik , Hisaronu through to Oludeniz.

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There are many walks that can be done in the area.

One I did recently was the Iblis Walk  a 6 km round trip.

It starts on the road from Kayakoy to Gemiler Beach .. about a kilometre from the beach itself.

The start of the walk is well posted but the actual path is not so easy to follow but can be done.

You basically walk around the headland. On your left as you set off you have Gemiler Beach, St Nicholas Island and in the distance Oludeniz Beach and Likya World complex. When you get to the far side of the headland before returning you have open sea as far as you can see ... your looking towards Rhodes Island. On your return you have on your left open waters leading into Fethiye bay .

Its a lovely walk around the coastline with many many small bays to look at  .. with access only from the sea. Its not an easy walk as its quite up and down and good shoes are essential .. not sandals or flip flops.

You can get to the start of the path by getting a dolmus, bus, from Fethiye dolmus terminus by the big mosque hourly for Gemiler Beach .. this will go through Ovacik, Hisaronu and Kayakoy en route ... just flag the dolmus down and they will pick you up.

When you have finished the walk just walk down the main road to Gemiler Beach for refreshments and to pick up the dolmus back into Fethiye via Kayakoy, Hisaronu and Ovacik .

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We often have storms, lots of rain, thunder and lightening.

And yesterday, Wednesday was no exception. In the evening the heavens opened and down it came. Thunder boomed above  and the lightening was all around.

But as you can see by the photo ... its back to a warm sunny day again today.

This is a view I see  looking towards Babadag Mountain, Father Mountain. As you can see hardly a cloud in the sky.

This is the highest mountain in the Fethiye area at  1,969 metres. Babadag Mountain is home for  Paragliding .. many thousand's of tourists each year take there life in there hands to be driven to the top of the mountain .. put on  a parachute and jump off the mountain and "fly" down to Oludeniz Beach below. The views up on the mountain summit are spectacular in itself . I will post some pictures from the top of the mountain another day.

You can either drive to the summit yourself or take a dolmus, bus, .. the dolmus leave from Oludeniz Beach at 10 am then every two hours till 4 pm. The journey time is 1 hour and goes via Hisaronu village centre where you can just flag the dolmus down en route  .. the cost last year was 10 tl per person.


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Kayakoy is a small village steeped in history.

Its located above Fethiye, 7 kms from Hisaronu .

Its known  for its Ghost Village .. a village occupied by the Greeks until 1923 .. the village ruins are  still there, as you can see in the photo.  The ghost town, now preserved as a museum village, consists of hundreds of rundown but still mostly intact Greek-style houses and churches which cover a small mountainside and serve as a stopping place for tourists.

You can walk around the Ghost Village .. 8 tl entrance fee per person is payable at the entrance to the village.

A cultural festival is organised for 27 th April to 3 rd May 2013 .. this festival is becoming bigger and better each year. Have a look at this site for more information ...

There are many cafes and restaurants in the area serving all kinds of food from Turkish, Mediterranean  and English food. Why not try out a  gözleme (Turkish pancake) these can be savoury or sweet.

You can get to Kayakoy from the main dolmus, bus, terminus in Fethiye by the big mosque. The dolmus leaves on the hour and half past the hour in summer season and goes through Ovacik and Hisaronu on route to Kayakoy

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