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Babadag and Mendos Mountain walk

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Between Babadag  and Mendos Mountains is a flat  open plain  , its a small grassed and open area . Within this area is a little hamlet of houses, only half a dozen or so. All very much Turkish houses and are only lived in in the spring and summer months due to the altitude. In winter months these houses cannot be occupied due to a lot of the winter being above the snow line.

These houses are more for the farming community that reside within the area .. some of the houses are more a cottage type and some are more farm house type of build.

The only way to get up to the "village" is by going up the main Babadag Road, the same road as the Para glider's take to jump of the mountain and "fly" down to Oludeniz Beach. The village is about half way up .. 8 kms from the main top road in Ovacik. You can drive up the Babadag Road quite easy .. the road is narrow though with steep drops to the side in places, so not for those people that are not to keen on heights. You could of course walk up  .. it is steep so you do need to be used to walking. I do know some one who cycled to the top of Babadag Mountain .. 18 kms .. but that's another story.

The views from the village are fantastic, on a clear day you can see, with binoculars towards Saklikent, Kabaagac, Minare .. because of the height you are at  it looks like for miles .. and it is.

Having walked or driven up the Babadag Mountain road from Ovacik you can leave the car and walk around the village and continue your journey up to the top of Mendos Mountain. Its not sign posted at all and is infact difficult to see the path to the summit itself .. I tried last year to get to the summit but failed to find the way to the top. This year I intend to get to the top of Mendos .. but that to will be another story to tell.

The picture, above, is of the flat open plain .. the "village" that lays between Babadag Mountain and Mendos Mountain.

You can see more of the photos I took of the "village" and surrounding areas here ..

As you can see the day I went up  was not the best of days, lots of cloud about.

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