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The Mendos Mountain Walk

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Some friends and I made another attempt to climb to the top of Mendos Mountain a few days ago. There were four of us in total 1 lady, Carol, and three guys, Norman, who has made the attempt before .. Ted who also has made the attempt before and myself.

Mendos Mountain is made up of many lower peaks  but the highest is at 1750 meters .. our aim to conquer. 

We set off at 9 am and drove up Babadag Mountain to its junction with the village in-between Babadag and Mendos Mountains .. this is to a height of 1200 meters above sea level. From here we walked around the village and started the long steep walk to Mendos summit. You can see views of the village here .. 

these photos were taken on the last attempt to walk to the top of Mendos back in April last year.

We walked for a couple of hours .. determined to make this effort to walk to the top a success .

It was quite a hot day so plenty of water was required. The last time we tried this walk we didn't have a map and the route is not easy to find .. with map in hand how could we fail. :)

We walked a lot further than we did last time and after consulting the map and agreeing the next direction to take we made the final hard steep climb to the top .. it was steep and the ground under are feet was very loose with lots of sharp stone and boulders to contend with.

As we climbed the tree line disappeared and we were walking in open ground .. very little vegetation at this height. It really was hard going in the heat of the day but determination was giving us that extra boost that was needed. 

As the sky line got closer we new we had made it .. the adrenalin running high  .. the last final push to the top. Tired and out of breath we stood at the top  .. over looking Hisaronu and Ovacik with Fethiye and Calis in the distance. But then came the sudden shock ... for the second time we hadn't made it to the summit itself .. we had climbed to soon and to far to the left to reach the very summit of Mendos. We had climbed to only 1500 meters .. 200 meters short of the highest point. :( To climb to the very top meant going most of the way back down and continuing around the base of the mountain and then climbing back up again.

We were tired and a little disappointed that for the second time Mendos Mountain had beaten us. But ... we did say that "next time" ... we WILL make it to the top .

As you can see by the pictures it is still a fantastic view, even at 1500 meters, but the view and the knowledge you've conquered Mendos at 1750 will be better.

Here are the photos I took at 1500 meters ...

We made our way back down .. slightly deflated but it had been a good walk. Norman and I plan to make another attempt in September ... will it be third time lucky .. we will have to wait and see.

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