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The sad story of the Gemiler Ducks

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As many of you will know I like to go to Gemiler Beach .. I've posted many photos of the beach on the web site.

I was at the beach yesterday, Friday, and while there found out that two of the three ducks had died. It is believed that the ducks may well have been attacked by a wild dog. One of the ducks bodies was found on the beach .. the other one has not been seen .. all very sad. The one remaining duck, a drake, is now looking very sad and lonely.

There are also two geese at the beach with two goslings  but the geese are giving the remaining duck a bad time as he tries to be in there company.

A friend and I are now trying to locate another female duck with the hopes that the two ducks will get on together and be a companion for each other. As I write this blog we have not had any success but have not given up yet.

In the picture above you see the three ducks .. one of the the white duck is the one remaining duck.

You can see more photos of Gemiler Beach and the ducks on the gallery page here ...

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