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Tom and Misha .. One Year On

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One year today the two bottlenose dolphins ,Tom and Misha, were released back into the sea having been kept in captivity in a sea pen in Bodrum then transferred to a sea pen in Kas before being transferred to a small swimming pool up a mountain in Hisaronu.

In February 2010 a group of people set out to campaign to get the two dolphins released from there hell hole of a swimming pool in Hisaronu. The group started of as half a dozen like minded people. A Facebook page was started to try to get more people involved and a petition was set up in which tens of thousands of signatures were collected.  A fund was set up to raise money towards the cost of rehabilitating the dolphins should they be rescued. Lots of money was raised by all sorts of people doing all sorts events. Even a silent protest march around the streets of  Hisaronu was staged ... a thing that had never been done in the area before where hundreds of people took part in.


Above is the picture of the swimming pool where the dolphins were kept in Hisaronu.

After a lot of publicity about the plight of  Tom and Misha in both local and national papers in  the UK and here in Turkey the Born Free Foundation came on board and a plan to rescue and rehabilitate the dolphins was drawn up.

After many months of negotiation with the dolphin owners Tom and Misha were released into the care of Born Free and a plan set into place to rehabilitate them started.

Twenty months later, after a few set backs, Tom and Misha were released on this very date, 9th May, twelve months ago back to the wild .. a task many people said  wouldn't happen.

Tom and Misha were tracked for several months after there release and as far as we know now the two boys are living a life of freedom .. the freedom that should never have been taken from them in the first place.

You can read more about the campaign of Tom and Misha on the Born Free site here ..

I was involved in the campaign to get Tom and Misha released, on the ground here, and was one of a few people that were invited to the release of the boys .. a privilege I will remember for the rest of my life. For me to be there and see Tom and Misha finally swim free was a very special moment in my life.

You can see a short clip of the release of the boys here  ...

Tom and Misha ... Back to the Blue.


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